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The Performance-Based Marketing Solution

Get Ready to Grow

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New Customer Acquisition

Our Digital Promotion services will help your brand break into new mediums you haven't tested, can't afford, don't have the time, etc. We create smart, innovative communication channels that will take your brand where it needs to be - across thousands of digital channels where your target audience is engaged. With our trusted relationships, dedicated team, and successful communication, we will turn net new customers into lifelong brand advocates.


SocialLynx enables your business to rapidly scale and focus on core strengths, rather than worry about marketing and monitoring a promotional code on thousands of digital channels. We'll take care of that for you without any ad spend on your behalf. Together we will create a unique promo code specific to your marketing goals and needs. From there, SocialLynx will broadcast this code to all relevant digital channels. We know customer acquisition is tough and costly; We'll make it easy with a performance-based solution.

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